45th anniversary Lifewater Christian Safe Water Nonprofit

Celebrating a global legacy of safe water, improved health, and the love of Jesus.



Since 2016—Our New Process

After 39 years of providing safe water and serving 2.5 million people, we reimagined our process. In 2016, the Vision of a Healthy Village began and with it, a new commitment to real, lasting change.

It wasn’t just about water sources; it was about water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). For sustainable change to take root in a community, it takes all of us working together investing in relationships first.

45th anniversary Lifewater Christian Safe Water Nonprofit


Be A Part Of The Legacy!

Learn more about how Lifewater started 45 years ago from our founder’s son, Gene Ashe, and where Lifewater is headed from our CEO, Dave LeVan. You are part of the legacy of Lifewater—one Lifewater, one global team seeking to impact the world one village at a time.

45th anniversary Lifewater Christian Safe Water Nonprofit

341,992 People Served

People served with safe water, improved health, and lasting hope. When we say people served it’s all encompassing. It includes those we have served from 2016 to the end of 2021. This number began in 2016 at the start of Lifewater’s Vision of a Healthy Village model.

We have built our own house with the money we saved… Now we’ve started a happy life and new careers.

Kasech, Ethiopia

Everything has changed because someone with a big heart and love of God gave and turned our lives around. We are forever grateful.

Medias, Uganda

We are very happy and we have been studying happily these days without any fear of lack of water.

Jackline, 6th grade student in Tanzania 

My grandchildren are more playful and happier when they are not sick. They enjoy using water from the new water source and are not tired from fetching it.

Pjage, Cambodia

“Now we think not about survival, but growth.”

– Buzunesh, Ethiopia

My life is much better now. I’m a healthier and happier woman with a sense of dignity and a mission to make my family better each and every day.

Lydia, Uganda

Since the availability of this water, we have been so happy because we now use safe and clean water. We don’t even hear about diseases in our home.

Salma, Tanzania

The water is clean so our family is healthy. We don’t spend money on medical treatment because we don’t get sick from waterborne diseases.

Tee, Cambodia

40,403 Healthy Homes


Safe water alone can’t prevent the spread of water-related illnesses. The solution is all-encompassing and it starts house by house. Lifewater staff walk alongside local leaders, WASH facilitators, committed to their community’s health and train them in 7 life-saving hygiene and sanitation habits called healthy habits.

Once a family adopts these habits they are certified as a Healthy Home:



Drying Rack

Clean Compound

Safe Water Storage

Bathing Shelter

Safe Water

829 Water Sources

Every safe water source represents access to clean water for a whole village, school, or church.

An entire community is empowered with a water source close to home. And because each community is unique so are the water sources engineers create for them. Every water source is custom built to meet a community’s needs for years to come.

When you give safe water, you give a whole community access to this life-changing resource. Mothers have more time to care for their families and start new businesses. Children can stay in school. Whole communites are empowered to rise out of poverty and thrive as God intended.

45 Years and We’re Just Getting Started!


There are still 771 million people who drink contaminated water like this. And 1 in 4 people do not have access to a toilet. But, you can change this!

For $65 a month, you can change someone’s life forever.

Give safe water. Give improved health. Be a part of the legacy.


Celebrate With Us!

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