Clean Water Fundraiser: Kalamazoo Mud Run

Hosting a clean water fundraiser is an excellent way to both raise money for safe water and also raise awareness for the global water crisis. We’re blessed here at Lifewater with creative partners who have found ways to turn their passion into a way to bring safe water and sanitation to people around the world. One of those partnerships is with the Kalamazoo Mud Run.

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Getting Dirty for Clean Water

For the past few years, the Kalamazoo Mud Run has inspired and entertained thousands of people with its challenging course full of mud-licious obstacles. More importantly, those dirty athletes, along with race organizers, volunteers, and sponsors, have helped thousands more people get safe, clean drinking water.

The Mud Run requires athletes (and aspiring athletes) to make their way through 44 acres of woods, including 20 obstacles to climb, crawl, roll, and swing through along with copious amounts of mud. Participants often run in teams and raise money from friends and family for the cause, adopting the Mud Run’s mission to “Get Dirty for Clean Water.”

A clean water fundraiser sometimes means getting a little muddy.

How a Clean Water Fundraiser Makes an Impact

“We wanted to create a fun, unique experience that would not just provide funds for clean water, but would help empower people worldwide to make lasting health changes for their community,” says event coordinator Donn Raseman. “Lifewater shared our vision, and partnering together just made sense.”

Raseman visited Uganda this year as a well was being completed in Kaliro.

“It was the end of the day and we were not expecting the reception we received, singing and dancing near the new well,” says Donn. “They were so happy and grateful to the Lifewater team and Mud Run for the work being done.”

Many thanks to the Kalamazoo Mud Run’s organizers, sponsors, volunteers, participants, and cheerleaders for doing the dirty work for clean water!

Families can participate in many types of clean water fundraisers.

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