Healthy Schools


23,926 Students in Healthy Schools

Creating a healthy foundation for
long-term advancements
in education

Without safe bathrooms, girls drop out of school. In fact, 3 out of 4 girls in sub-Saharan Africa will drop out before 8th grade.

Safe bathrooms and clean water means more children stay in school. Better education means less poverty. Less poverty means hope for the future.

Impact in Real Time


What Makes a School Healthy?

Safe Water Source

When a school has gathered the necessary contributions, construction begins on the new water source! Our engineers plan and build the appropriate water source to serve the school.

Cost Sharing

Parents invest in their children’s futures. Individual parent teacher alliances (PTA) gather the 10-20% initial contribution for their new water points and restrooms.

Toilets and Handwashing Stations

Lifewater designs and constructs multi-stall school bathrooms with drainable pit toilets that are built to last. Each school also features permanent handwashing stations to improve school hygiene.

WASH Curriculum

Teachers incorporate Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) lessons to reinforce healthy habits children are learning at home. A WASH Club of student leaders actively participate in teaching hygiene and sanitation to their peers through songs, dramas, and dances.


Menstrual Hygiene Management

Every girls bathroom has a changing room, trashcans, and pads so young girls can feel confident about going to school. By incorporating female hygiene curriculum into class lessons, students help destigmatize menstruation, creating a safer space for everyone to learn.

Handicap Accessibility

Every school bathroom is handicap accessible with ramps and handles to ensure all students benefit. Providing accessible restrooms boosts attendance, attracting students with disabilities who could not attend school before.


A School Transformed in Ethiopia


“Our old bathrooms didn’t have room for people with disabilities and they were not comfortable,” she said. “These are very safe and comfortable. The former bathrooms had no soap or water. Now we can wash our hands with soap.”


– Kamiso, Borile Primary School


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Creating Sustainable Change in Schools


  • Partnerships with school administrators and local governments ensure ongoing maintenance.

  • Drainable restrooms are designed to be used for generations.

  • Hygiene and sanitation facilities are maintained by the WASH Club.

  • Facilities create greater student inclusion and attendance for community advancement, especially for girls and students with disabilities.

  • Safe water and restroom facilities on school premises attract better teachers.

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