Healthy Homes


Creating Healthy Communities

Safe water alone can’t prevent the spread of common, life-threatening illnesses. Safe water in dirty containers, for example, is dirty water. Sanitation and hygiene are critical to health.

That’s why Lifewater staff walk alongside community health promoters to share the messages of healthy living with their neighbors and celebrate lasting transformation. When families adopt simple, life-saving healthy habits, they can take charge of their health.

What is a Healthy Home?



Washing hands with soap stops the spread of disease. Every household builds simple hand washing devices with local materials.


Safe Water Storage

Safe water stored in dirty containers becomes contaminated water. Families learn to keep water safe from collection to consumption.


Drying Rack

Washing dishes and drying them in the sun, away from animals, helps stop the spread of harmful pathogens.



Building and using a simple pit or pour-flush latrine separates people from poop, drastically decreasing waterborne diseases. It also provides improved safety and dignity.


Clean Compound

Keeping the household environment clear of trash and feces discourages germs and keeps people healthier. Plus, people become proud of their clean properties.



When a household demonstrates all these elements, it is awarded a “Healthy Home Certificate,” which is displayed proudly on their homes as a symbol of accomplishment.

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Lifewater staff journey to every rural household in remote corners of the world to capture data and photos of families who have completed the Healthy Home requirements.

Through regular visits, they build relationships with them and continue to encourage healthy behaviors. This ensures that life-saving healthy practices last for generations.

For over 45 years and in 45 countries, Lifewater staff have committed to loving the vulnerable and knowing their names. House by house, village by village, every child received lasting safe water and improved health.


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