How Strong Moms Transform Their Communities

Lasting change in a village takes dedication and commitment from everyone. In many villages where Lifewater works, mothers are among the most important change makers.

The work of mothers, both young and old, makes real transformation possible. They introduce healthy changes in their own homes and teach their children healthy habits. They organize community participation and serve on local water committees. They pray fervently. They are motivated to make their villages healthy and create a better future for their families.

They work hard because they know it’s worth it. With clean water in their village, young mothers like Betty can spend time loving their children and providing for their families.

Betty and baby Bridgette drink safe water from their well in Bulimuka village.

Mothers Leading By Example

These are mothers like Naigaga in Uganda, who set an example for her neighbors by taking the first steps to make healthy changes.

Now a grandmother, Naigaga was born in Busango village. She remembers drawing from a pond as a young girl, then from a faraway well as a mother of six. With the sweltering Uganda heat beating down on her face and arms, she walked for hours to gather water. Years later, as an elder in the community, she has influence over her neighbors.

When Lifewater came, she was among the first to have a Healthy Home. In 2018, her community met all Healthy Home requirements, and they received a well of their own.

“We used to feel bad, but now we expect a good future,” she said.

Naigaga peeling cassava with her daughter, Sharon.

Mothers Persevering

In villages that have yet to receive safe water, there are mothers who find a way to send their children to school despite the challenges that come with water poverty—loss of time, decreased income, and illness—pulling together every resource to keep them in class.

There are moms who are up before the sun carrying 40-pound containers on their heads so their children will wake with water. They go about their day with a baby attached to their back and another on their hip.

There are mothers willing to do whatever work it takes to bring clean water to their village. They carry rocks and concrete and digs roads out of mountains so that Lifewater’s construction materials can reach their village. They lead their water committees, start businesses, and grow strong children who dream of becoming prime ministers, lawyers, and doctors.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

Now that Aster has safe water, her children are healthy and able to go to school.

To all the mothers working every day to create a better life for their families, thank you. You are making a difference.

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