One Father’s Dedication to Bring Safe Water to His Children

When Aliya Wariyo looked at the nearly two miles of rocky, uncrossable terrain between him and the main road, he thought of his children. No truck could ever reach the village of Garamba Egu as it was that day.

That included a Lifewater truck with construction supplies to bring safe water to his children. So, Aliya picked up a shovel and got to work.

Together, he and every parent in Garamba Egu village picked up shovels and axes to break apart the mountainous terrain that stood between their families and a future with safe water. Many without tools used their bare hands.


In the rain and in the heat, Aliya dug for months. Fathers and mothers around dug as well, lifting rocks and breaking apart the stubborn earth. Together, they dug over a mile of road for Lifewater to reach the community.

Aliya and other fathers moving rocks to flatten the road

“There are no other organizations who have supported us… because we are far from the main town, so no one considered us for a long time,” Aliya said. “But, when no one remembered us, Lifewater remembered us.”

Aliya, his wife, and their five children rely on water from a nearby river and a faraway spring. The water makes them dangerously sick. When they met representatives from Lifewater, they felt seen for the first time.

“This year, Lifewater has started the project with us, and we are hoping for a great change,” he said. “To make it so the machinery and supplies can get to the village, we are working together to make this road.”

The river that Garamba Egu village has been drinking from is not only badly contaminated, but dangerous. According to Aliya, each year, 1-2 children fall in and drown while gathering water.

“We will become free from pollutants that make us suffer, and we will no longer grieve because our children will not drown in the river,” Aliya said.

Aliya, his wife, and their children at their home in Garamba Egu village

Together, Aliya and the community not only constructed a road, but built a bridge over the once gaping river that cut between their community. They’ve filled holes and flattening the earth to allow Lifewater trucks to enter the remote village.

Today, the families of Garamba Egu village wake with hope. Safe water is on its way.

“We want to live healthy and happy with our families and we wish that on the coming generations,” Aliya said. “We are hopeful.”


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