One Thousand Healthy Homes

**As part of Lifewater’s Vision of a Health Village strategy for sustainable change, field staff work with families to certify Healthy Homes in remote villages that formerly lacked access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

Each certified Healthy Home means a family enjoys safe water, good sanitation, and hygiene tools and practices that keep them healthy.

Each Healthy Home is evidence of a family that has come together to work for a better future. It is parents that want their children to have the education and opportunities they didn’t. It is children who are a valuable part of a team committed to each other’s health. It is women who are demonstrating their ability to lead and sustain positive changes in their home and community. It is the end of preventable, water-borne diseases and indignity.

Every single one is a reason to celebrate, but today we’re celebrating one thousand!

One thousand certified Healthy Homes in Ethiopia,  Uganda, and Cambodia.

One thousand households that have done the work.

One thousand families that have found health and hope.

A Healthy Home starts when a member of Lifewater’s staff begins to engage the community around the home. Community influencers who are early to adapt healthy WASH practices are trained to become WASH facilitators. These facilitators work alongside Lifewater staff to teach each household about the value of WASH and the tools and practices that will help them get healthy.

Choose a Village. Change a Life.