Introducing Overflow: A New Way to Serve a Child Each Month

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (May 2, 2019)—Lifewater International, a top-rated Christian clean water charity dedicated to serving families in the world’s most remote communities, today announces Overflow: a new monthly giving program.

Overflow is a group of dedicated people who give monthly so children and families living in extreme poverty receive clean water. By giving monthly, Overflow partners serve a new person each month with clean water, improved sanitation, and hygiene training.

But it’s more than just a monthly donation. It’s a shared passion to end the water crisis, to give safe water to children whose names and faces you come to know with each donation, and it’s a commitment to being the hands and feet of Jesus for families in forgotten places.


Giving from Overflow monthly partners is pooled to complete funding for urgent need projects. “Urgent needs” are water projects scheduled to begin construction within 90 days. Essentially, overflow gifts are combined so that no child is left in the margins.

“Without faithful partners giving each month, we simply would not be able to serve many of these villages and families,” Lifewater VP of Philanthropy Christine Zurbach said. “Urgent need villages without funding would draw from limited general funds; but, with the help of Overflow partners, we can serve more people, more effectively.”

Each month, Overflow partners receive real-time updates with photos, a story, and the location of the specific village their gift served.

And when you give monthly, your dollar goes further; monthly gifts are a one-time set-up, reducing administrative costs and ensuring your donation has the most impact.

“Sadly, millions of children around the world don’t have these simple blessings [like safe water and improved sanitation],” the Zondervan family said. “And it’s not just an inconvenience; for many of these children, it’s a serious matter of life and death. Why do we give to Lifewater? Because children suffering due to a lack of clean water, adequate sanitation, and hygiene training breaks God’s heart and breaks our hearts as well.”

“Lifewater is our hands and feet to a community we will never be able to serve,” Overflow partners Bill and Laura Cinquini said. “We consider our gifts not in the least as a sacrifice but as a rich blessing to the community and especially to us.”

Lifewater has a goal for 50 new monthly givers to join Overflow in the month of May. With all first gifts, a generous donor will match it, doubling the impact!


Choose a Village. Change a Life.