What Does Chewing Gum Have To Do With Safe Water?

Project7 and Lifewater team up to help small choices make a big difference.


US-based specialty gum company Project7 is putting its profits toward good work around the world. By supporting Lifewater’s work in Africa and Asia, Project7 and its customers are helping children and families get safe water.

Project7 aims to be “Great Tasting and World Changing.” The specialty gum and mint brand brings great flavor into your day while giving back to seven areas of need, including providing clean drinking water to the thirsty. By partnering with non-profits like Lifewater, Project7 turns consumers’ decisions about the small things into improving others’ lives. Little purchases, when added up, can pull many people together and make life changing impacts every day of the week. Project7 has given the equivalent of 1.2 million months of clean water to those in need.

“We are excited to partner with Lifewater and their mission to provide clean drinking water for those in need in countries and communities that do not have the same access that we do,” says Tyler Merrick, Project7’s founder. “As a father, I can’t imagine my children not being able to have access to get clean drinking water and it’s something I take for granted every day.”

Globally, nearly 663 million people do not have safe water, and most of them live in rural areas. Many collect water from ponds and streams contaminated with harmful germs, parasites, and chemicals. With safe water, communities are able to stop the spread of disease, improve health, attend school, and be more productive. Women and children see the most benefit from a source of safe water close to home. Last year alone, Lifewater helped over 34,000 people get a sustainable source of safe water.

“We are honored to partner with Project7,” says Justin Narducci, Lifewater’s President/CEO. “They make great products in a way the benefits everyone involved, and they channel everyday decisions into something that, cumulatively, changes the world for the better. They’re not just working to satisfy customers; they’re saving lives.”

Project7’s products include gourmet gum, gummies, mints, and clusters, with flavors like “Front Porch Lemonade,” “Birthday Cake,” “Coconut Lime,” and “Peppermint Vanilla.” They can be found in national retailers like Target, Starbucks, and World Market, as well as regional grocers and on Project7’s website. All Project7 products are made in America.

“This is why we started a business like Project 7,” continues Merrick. “To come alongside non-profit partners already out in the field working hard to make a difference. We are just a conduit to helping show how little purchases like a pack of gum can add up and make an impact to those in need.”

Choose a Village. Change a Life.