GuideStar Platinum: Why Lifewater is a Trustworthy Nonprofit

This past month, Lifewater International was recognized as a GuideStar Platinum charity. This means you can rest even easier knowing we are a trustworthy nonprofit making a real difference.

GuideStar USA is the world’s largest information service focusing on nonprofit organizations. GuideStar strives to strengthen the nonprofit sector by providing better data for better decision-making that ultimately helps to create a better world. It provides current, authoritative data, including tax information that allows for transparency.

Support the mission of a Christian GuideStar Platinum nonprofit now.

How does GuideStar Platinum status make Lifewater a trustworthy nonprofit?

Platinum is the highest level of recognition achievable through GuideStar. Because we have consistently shared the progress, results and reporting systems for our programs with GuideStar, Lifewater was awarded with the Platinum Seal of Transparency. Having access to this data gives you the assurance you need to know that we are serious about real change, and that we are being good stewards. You can read more about our commitment to financial accountability here.

Lifewater is also highly rated by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), Intelligent Philanthropy and we have recently been rated a 2017 top-rated nonprofit by Great Nonprofits. See what others have to say about us:

“Lifewater is a nonprofit I trust and love. Everything from their communication with donors to their work on the field is top notch. I feel confident that every dollar I’ve donated has had an effective and well-managed impact that brings real change!” – Danielle W.

“The best nonprofit I’ve ever worked with. They are so passionate about helping others. This organization is diligent and disciplined and dedicated to creating better lives for those in some of the most remote places on the planet. I’m grateful to be a part of everything they do.” – M. Jarrell

“Lifewater is a nonprofit I trust and love.” ~Danielle

Why you should become part of Lifewater’s mission

Since 1977, Lifewater has served more than 2.5 million people in 40 countries. Today, more than 100,000 people are participating in our Vision of a Healthy Village in Uganda, Ethiopia and Cambodia. As our GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency shows, we have continued to refine and improve our work to bring real and lasting change to those we serve.

“We believe that as Christians, we should be on the front lines bringing the global water and sanitation crisis to an end,” says Lifewater President and CEO, Justin Narducci. “Being good stewards is part of that, and we’re honored to be ranked GuideStar Platinum.”

Choose a Village. Change a Life.