Urgent Need:
COVID-19 Relief

You can help vulnerable communities affected by the coronavirus.


Help children made more vulnerable by COVID-19, today & tomorrow

Your gift will help provide immediate relief support, plus sustain Lifewater’s ministry to continue serving these regions with clean water and improved health.


Your gift will provide local communities with critical supplies, including soap for vulnerable families.


Your gift will help provide health messaging through print materials and broadcasts, plus training in COVID-19 prevention.

WASH Support

Your gift will help restart planned water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs when the pandemic subsides


5 Reasons to Support Lifewater Today

  1. Washing Hands Saves Lives. Lifewater works house-by-house in remote villages, teaching families proper hygiene and sanitation.
  2. Relief for Vulnerable Families. Villages in hard-to-reach places have received little to no help from the government and other NGOs.
  3. There is Great Need. Nearly half of the population live without access to clean water. Three quarters of the country doesn’t have a safe place to go to the bathroom.
  4. Proven Results. Lifewater’s Vision of a Healthy Village program has been proven to improve health and save the lives of children.
  5. Jesus Calls Us to Serve. God answers the prayer of the poor for water (Isaiah 41:17). Together, we can be His hands and feet in crisis and beyond.

Lifewater Communities Respond to COVID-19

Will You Join in Praying for Vulnerable Families?

Please pray for the children and families made more vulnerable by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ask God for his protection and provision in this difficult time.

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