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Watch Eve’s Story

Meet Eve, a 15 year-old student at Kyanfubba Primary School in Uganda. Her story is one like a lot of other children but it doesn’t have to be. With your help and partnership, we see how safe water, dignifying bathrooms, and health practices changed life for Eve and her classmates.

Safe water, improved health, and hope isn’t just for some. It’s for all.

It’s not just safe water for some. It’s safe water and improved health for all. It’s providing opportunity, bringing hope, and creating lasting change for all families.

“Even with my husband’s passing, I still have hope and know that I will still survive because I have water.”

– Scovia, Uganda

“Two years have passed since I began serving as WASH facilitator and I saw a lot of changes in the life of my community. I’m proud of myself for being part of the solution in collaboration with Lifewater.”

– Jedo, Ethiopia

The water is clean so our family is healthy. We don’t spend money on medical treatment because we don’t get sick from waterborne diseases.

Tee, Cambodia

“Thank Lifewater donors for making sure my school has access clean and safe water and bathrooms with hand washing areas. And thank you for teaching us about sanitation and hygiene at school and at home.”

– Gereshi, Tanzania

“Clean water has led to a significant reduction in water borne diseases. This is especially true for the children. They do not miss schools as often as they used to. Life has really changed for us and we now have a chance to a brighter future.”

– Macklin, Uganda

“When we got safe water, our life began shining. We no longer suffer from illnesses because of water. My home is now full of joy.”

– Arabe, Ethiopia

“We are very happy nowadays because we do not have the water challenge in our village or at our school. Me and my friends now enjoy staying at school and studying all the time. Frankly, I believe that we will go far with our studies.”

– Irene, Tanzania 


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