Clean Water for Tanzania

A Brand-New Country Program in Africa


Your Gift Will Make the New Tanzania Program Possible


Your gift will help us hire and train local Christian staff to serve families living in extreme poverty.


Your gift will equip our local staff with computers and mobile phones to monitor program progress.

Field Truck

Your gift will provide a rugged field vehicle to move equipment and staff throughout the region.


Your gift will provide motorcycles, safety equipment, and training to help staff reach remote and underserved villages.


Your gift will provide a safe compound for our staff plus desks, chairs, and other office equipment.


Your gift will go toward engineering equipment and planning to determine the best locations for future water projects.


5 Reasons Lifewater is Expanding to Tanzania

  1. There is Great Need. Nearly half of the population live without access to clean water. Three quarters of the country doesn’t have a safe place to go to the bathroom.
  2. Underserved Communities. Villages in hard-to-reach places have received little to no help from the government and other NGOs.
  3. Regional Expertise. Lifewater has successfully implemented the Vision of a Healthy Village in other East African countries.
  4. Moms Like Hadija. Millions of mothers and their children drink from ponds and swamps. Read Hadija’s Story.
  5. Jesus Calls Us to Serve. God answers the prayer of the poor for water (Isaiah 41:17). Together, we can be His hands and feet to the people of Tanzania.

Will You Join in Praying for Tanzania?

Please pray for the people of Shinyanga, Tanzania. Ask God to begin growing a spirit of trust as we prepare to work in communities for the first time.

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