EDITION 2.2, 2013

10 Building Blocks for Better Health: WASH in Schools Curriculum provides WASH practitioners and primary school teachers with interactive and age appropriate WASH education that is designed to encourage children to become agents of change in their community.

Lack of water, sanitation, and effective hygiene in schools prevents millions of children from receiving a good education. Lifewater national staff use this primary school curriculum to train teachers in leading student WASH clubs in schools. The curriculum promotes ten building blocks for better health, including the human need for water, safe and unsafe water sources, diarrheal disease transmission, personal hygiene, protecting food and utensils, keeping school grounds sanitary, and using safe water to care for people with HIV/AIDS. Participants learn the biblical mandate for good health and hygiene and grow in their appreciation for children as agents of change in communities.

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Topics include: the human need for water, identifying safe and unsafe water sources, stopping the spread of disease, practicing good hygiene, and the importance of keeping schools grounds sanitary.